Organ & Violin

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Since September 2015, Víctor forms a duo with 

Lisette Carlebur (violin) and they play classical pieces 

for organ and violin or harpsichord/fortepiano and violin. 

They can be booked for weddings, funerals, concerts 

or any other event, if there is a piano, harpsichord or organ. 


In the summer of 2016 they were invited to play during 

the Grachten Festival in Amsterdam. They played a 

romantic orientated program, but because Lisette plays 

also baroque violin since September 2016, they 

also give concerts with baroque repertoire. 


In the summer of 2016 they were also asked to play in 

the "Grote Kerk" (Big church) of Monnickendam.

In general they have played in places all over Holland, 

but they have also played in Spain, Astorga, in the summer 

of 2017, where they were asked to play at the international 

organ festival of Astorga.

Their motto is to promote the combination organ and violin by giving concerts, playing the few pieces that are written for this combination and arrangements that they made themselves. Since the organ could be seen as an orchestra, the combination works really well together!